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RE: Cambria Steel

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I have part of the 1904 Cambria Steel Handbook.  Unfortunately, I'm missing
pages 9-312, but some of the steel section dimensioned sketches for standard
"I" shapes appear on pages 1-8 (then jumps to page 313 - rivet spacing).  No
section property tables though.  (Cost in 1904: $1.00)

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Subject: Cambria Steel

Speaking of old steel sections and handbooks:

Anybody out there have any information on the old Cambria Steel Mill?  I'd
like to find out if they ever produced cast or wrought iron, where their
mills were located, etc.  If someone has an old handbook (circa 1900) of
their sections and properties I'd love to borrow it for a peek.

Since I'm probably the only person looking for this information, perhaps
responding to me privately would be more appropriate than responding to the

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