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Re: Suggested Modification to List FAQ

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Maybe I'm being idealistic, but I would like to suggest we use the same
philosophy on our message content that we use on our practice areas.

We are registered and/or licensed professional engineers, or at least
aspiring to such lofty status.  As such we are each charged with
practicing only in those areas in which we are qualified.  No one
screens my incoming jobs for me, it is up to me to accept or decline
based on my competency.  Can't we each, as potential participants in
this STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING maillist, screen our own participation in a
similar manner?  If the message forming in our brains is relevant to
STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING, send it.  Be it technical, joke, or a blithe
comment on elected officials - if it is directly related to STRUCTURAL
ENGINEERING then send it.  If, on the other hand, it is a comment
relating only to a previous non-relavent post, a cute but
non-engineering joke, or a general comment on the unsavoriness of an
elected official and/or his/her policies/principles or lack thereof,
demonstrate your professionalism and don't bother.  We've all already
read it in our news source of choice.

In summary, in my opinion if there is any member of this list that can't
keep non-STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING posts off here (as, unfortunately, there
are a few), then those individuals are demonstrating their
non-professionalism, and should be simply ignored.  If Shafat needs to
police, then we probably need different licensing laws too.