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RE: Steel section properties Circa 1901

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AISC has a publication called "Iron and Steel Beams  1873 to 1952" which
contains section properties for various shapes.  The publication also has
the early unit stresses for various steel mills during the time period.
There was a 9" American Standard Beam (adopted by American Steel
Manufacturers on Jan 17, 1896) available around 1901; it was made by several
manufacturers and the section properties varied slightly.

Harry Olive, P.E.
Neill and Gunter  

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> Subject:	Steel section properties Circa 1901
> I have a building from 1901 with steel trusses.  The purlins are " 9 x
> 21".  Does anyone have any historical information on the section
> properties and material properties? The building is at the Norfolk Naval
> Base in Virginia.  I believe this pre-dates AISC and maybe ASTM.  I guess
> steel was already in production, so it isn't iron.  Thanks.
> Also, I would like to nominate myself for one of the top 100 structural
> engineers of the century. Really. Hey, I mean it.  Quit laughing.  I think
> I'm pretty good. 
> Glenn Otto, P.E.