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Re: Salary Survey,fiasco,verboten,cut the crap, What do you make?

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10 years experience with a P.E and making $23.50/hr!

Salaries will vary depending on what part of the
country you are in, but that is low for southern
california.  We are a small firm (12-14 people) and
would probably pay you 15% to 20% more.

Salaries for a small firm in Santa Barbara

0 - 1 years experience ....  We don't have anyone in
this range
1-3 years experience, no PE....   $19 to $21/hr.
4-6 years experience with PE....  $21 to $25/hr.
7-15 years experience with PE or SE...  $25 to
Principal (Owner) with SE......         $10 to
$15/hr. (whatever is left in the checking account
after paying all our employees and expenses)


Peieng5590(--nospam--at) wrote:
> Everyone wants to know what a structural engineer should earn but is to shy
> to give out thier own.  Well I make $23.50 /hour with standard to better
> benefits and no bonus.  WHAT DO YOU MAKE?
> PE:   yes
> years:   10
> where:  Maryland, small town
> company: small
> no name needed
> I would to see this compiled for once showing what a day to day engineer
> should earn without the curve of executives and sales.