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RE: Interior residential walls - clearance from concrete????

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The 1" you are referring to, I believe is for columns and posts (sec.
2306.5, pg. 276). If you are inside the building, as was mentioned earlier
there is no requirement for your case.

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	I am designing a custom home in the desert where the slab changes
	by one foot. The Architect wants to frame the bearing walls on the
low side 
	of the slab so as to simplify the finish on the walls down to the
	I was reminded that there is a requirment for a 1" clearance between
	concrete and the wood - which makes the finish on the high side

	Can someone point me to the code (UBC) section that stipulates a 1"
	for concrete on the inside of a residence where a moisture vapor
barrier is 
	applied below?

	Also, can I substitute builders paper between the studs and concrete
	wall at the elevation change and bring the wall closer to the

	Finally, what is the basis for this requirment if there is no
expectation of 
	moisture permeating the slab?

	Thanks in a advance,
	Dennis S. Wish PE