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Wood Design Spreadsheet - Freeware

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We have posted a copy of the 1997 UBC Design spreadsheet for Wood diaprhagm 
Buildings on the SEAOC website. You are invited to download a copy by 
visiting and following the links to Software. The 
spreadsheet is 1.5megs in size. 

The spreadsheet requires Excel 97 or later.

The program will design a large building up to three stories in height. The 
spreadsheet is broken down into two major sections - Flexible Design and 
Rigid Analyisis.
Flexible Design:
1. Will allow the structure to be broken into as many as four blocks. Each 
block can have up to three stories.
2. Each block can be divided into ten grid lines for each major direction. 
Each gridline represents lines of shearwalls.
3. Each block can have up to 40 shearwalls per level per direction.
4. The diaphragm deflection is checked between each defined grid line.
5. Shearwalls can be toggled on and off and where, walls are removed from a 
gridline, the remaining shear will be distributed to the nearest adjacent 
line of shear.
6. All walls are designed for deflection.
7. All walls are summarized and stiffness calculations are provided for 

Rigid Analysis

1. A graphic representation of the diaprhagm and shearwalls are provided at 
each level once the coordinates are input
2. Wall may be skewed.
3. Walls may be defined for different materials. There is some debate on 
this, but I have found the results to be within acceptable limits. Torsional 
shear considers the modulus of the material, the capacity per foot and the 
thickness of the materials (for masonry and concrete).

4. Compete torsional distribution is calculated including Center of Rigidity, 
Center of Mass, Location of Applied loads. 
5. Rigidity analysis uses Demand Capacity ratios to verify the walls 

The next version comming soon will include automatic shearwall schedules and 
additional automation tools.

This is provide free to all engineers on an as is basis. No liability or 
responsiblity for the use of this software is assumed by myself or SEAINT, 
SEAOC or any contributer. The user is responsible for verification of 
accuracy of the program. It is recommended that only engineers with complete 
knowledge of lateral design in accordance with the latest provisions of the 
97 UBC download and use this program.

Please provide all comments and suggestions to me at seaintonln(--nospam--at)

Thank you
Dennis S Wish PE
Editor - SEAINT Online