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RE: Swinging Chandelier?

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<  I have a client who wants to hang a very expensive chandelier in a
tower  above the foyer of a clubhouse.  I suggested installing guy wires or 
thin cables at four points on the piece to stabilize it during an
earthquake. >
I agree.  Nylon cable (looks similar to lines used for fishing rods) will
likely be more transparent than wires.  Anything will look terrible if
somebody doesn't go up and clean the cables.
<  I am in Seismic Zone 4 and within 15 km of the San Andreas fault. 
The chandelier designer  would rather not install the guy wires as it may 
detract from the appearance.  >
Has the designer ever experienced an earthquake?  Is the designer aware of
the devastation an earthquake can cause?  Stand your ground.  If all else
fails have the designer find another professional to hang the chandelier and
get it approved by the code officials.
<  Furthermore, if it is not free to move as a one-piece sculpture it may
clack against itself, break apart, and fall on the folks below.  >
IMO, this will happen even if you only have one support.  Providing the
cables gives the system redundancy if the main support beam fails during an
earthquake.  These cables might offer the precious seconds needed so the
occupants can move to a relatively more safe location inside the clubhouse.

William J. Keil, P.E.