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RE: 10/lw term in calculation of rho

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The diaphragm load is just what I've been confused about. In my case I've
got a 1-1/2 story residential where the upper walls aren't in-line with the
bottom walls.  I'm trying to show that the lateral forces are being
transfered to the lower exterior shear walls via the floor diaphragm and
roof diaphragm. 1630.2.3.4 says to use 3*Ca/R for Fpx in equation 33-1.
After this, I believe 1633.2.6 allows me to get 1.7 times more allowable
design strength and 1612.3 equ 12-9 says I get to divide it by 1.4 again to
calculate what exactly is the design strength needed for the floor and roof
of this 1-1/2 story. I'm still trying to get E for equ 30-1 so it looks to
me that I have to use rho. (To avoid further confusion I'm simply using 1.5
as the maximum default value for rho so I don't have to worry about it.)  DH