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Steel base plate thickness???

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ENERCALC  is very useful software to calculate the thickness of your base
The base plate thickness can be also determined analytically.  Refrerences:
Blodget, Omar W., Design of Welded Structures, James F. Lincoln, Arc
Foundation, 1966, pp. 3.3-6 to 3.3-10, Honeck, William C.,and Westphal,
Practical Design and Detailing of Steel Column Base Plates.

Desi Kiss, The Austin Company,
Irvine, CA
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"Lloyd Pack" <packman(--nospam--at)> on 11/01/99 09:15:47 PM

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Subject:  Steel base plate thickness???

I'm wanting to get opinions on calculating base plate thicknesses
on moment resisting frames and braced frames.  When in school
I used the text "Steel structures" by Gaylord, Gaylord and
Stalmayer, (I believe).  Anyway, that book has some examples of
base plate design where the plate must transfer moment.  Recently I
was working on a rigid frame in a house, and used the method in
the book to size my base plate. I got a base plate thickness of 2",
which seems rather large.

Which methods do any of you use to calculate the thickness of
your base plates?

When I looked through the AISC ASD Manual I found little help
on the subject?

Are these plates really supposed to be this thick?

Any suggestions and guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Lloyd Pack