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Re: Swinging Chandelier?

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Dear Denise:

I have two suggestions for dealing with the situation you describe.  The 
first is to work with the chandelier designer on a system that is 
consistent with the design.  The guy wires in your scheme could be replaced 
by chains matching those of the chandelier (if there are chains); these 
could even have crystal pendants and lights.  Springs could be used to 
reduce impact effects, but the piece would still have to possess some 

The second suggestion is to do a dynamic analysis of the structure and 
pendulum to make a better estimate of the required separation.  A long 
pendulum is essentially base-isolated.  The remaining question is whether 
its movement can be tolerated.

In either case, the fragility of the chandelier is worrisome, given its 
location.  If it is plaster, it might be possible to have reinforcing lath 
tied into the main support, so that if it does break apart, the major 
chunks will still be supported.

Best of luck,

Rafael Sabelli