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RE: Compatibility of AutoCad with Microstation J

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While I am no expert on MicroStation vs. Autocad, I do think you will run
into some problems with trying to read one file with the other program.
First, MicroStation J is the latest version of Bentley flagship product.  As
such, the other CAD systems have not had enough time to determine if their
product can read MS J much less make any changes to their product to
accomdate this new file format.  Therefore, I would think that even the
latest version of Autocad, considering that it came out BEFORE MicroStation
J would not be able to read a MS J file.

Also bear in mind that some of the features of MicroStation J will allow you
to treat drawing entities as objects and thus attach attributes to them.
So, if your client wants you to use MicroStation J for this purpose, chances
are that doing the work in Autocad and then translating it will cause the
drawing to be dumb vs. smart.


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Subject: Compatibility of AutoCad with Microstation J

Our firm has a new client that requires us to work in Microstation J.
We have only AutoCAD in our officeR14 and 2000.  We really don't want to
spend $4000 per station and to be re-trained in Microstation J for one
or two jobs unless we have to.  Does anyone know if AutoCAD can read
Microstation J files and output back to Microstation?  Thanks in advance
for any help.

Vince Yu
Pickard Architects

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