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Re: Salary Survey,fiasco,verboten,cut the crap, What do you make?

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This is an interesting thread. I think people should be open about their salaries and should not be ashamed of it.  There are few people who make more and other who make less.  Let's be open about it and drive the salaries up.  This will motivate the owners to look out for more jobs.

I would like more people to come up with their salaries as it might open up the minds of the owners and make them realise if they are paying too less than the market rate.  there are some oldies who still live in the 70's-80's and pay what they used to make at that time???

i make $20/hr with simple benefits 5 years exp (no PE). working for a small struc. engineering firm (no big bonus).  I know of other friends who make only about 18/hr. 

 BTW does any small company pay health insurance for their spouce/children.  in this day that is the main sucker running to about 150 per dependent. Also what kind of bonus is usually paid by the companies ?
- Crazy Al

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