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RE: Double Sheathing for Wood Shearwalls

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Interesting. That paragraph (4th paragraph in 1994 UBC section 2314.3) was
omitted (left out?) entirely in the 1997 UBC (section 2315.3.3). Either this
is an error, or we are expected to distribute the load between the two based
on deflection compatibility. Wait! Forget I said that!


Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA

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||Subject: Double Sheathing for Wood Shearwalls
||> BOCA 2306.4.4.1 Design Shear Increases: The design shear capacity is
||> permitted to be doubled where identical materials are
||applied to both
||> sides of the wall. Where the shear capacities of the
||materials are not
||> equal, the allowable shear shall be considered to be equal to either
||> the shear for the higher capacity or twice the shear for
||the side with
||> the lower capacity.
||> I have searched the UBC97 for a similar clause, but have
||not found it
||> yet.