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Cal Poly Architectural Engineering Degree

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As my memory serves me; The origins for the name of the ARCE (Architectural Engineering) program at Cal Poly, SLO (not to be confused with the lesser known sister campus in Pomona) cenetered around a state regulation that would not permit a "state" school to offer a degree in Architecture.  You had to be a "University" (read with just a hint of disdain). So the administative minds at Poly developed a program where students would study Structural Engineering and Architecture together in their first three years and and then pick a "major" discipline in their final forth year, earning a BS in Architectural Engineering. You could stay on an additional year to complete both "majors".
Charles Luckman (of Luckman and Pereira (sp?) the Architectural designers of the Transamerical Building in SF, no I don't know who the SE is) was credited with the effort of spearheading the movement in the State Legislature to change that regulation.
George Hasselein was credited as one of the programs fathers.
Keith De Lapp, P.E.