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RE: Compatibility of AutoCad with Microstation J

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Facts first.

No, AutoCAD R14 will not read Microstation (.dgn) drawings. You have to
convert them to .dxf files first. I cannot speak about the features of
R2000, but I seriously doubt if Autodesk will spend any time or money to add
this feature. It's everyone else who is trying to be compatible with
AutoCAD, not vise-versa. O.K., there was some opinion there, too.

The following is my opinion and it is worth exactly what you are going to
pay for it.

The reason your client wants the files in Microstation is because that is
the software THEY have. In EVERY (that does not mean "most of the time",
either) instance I have worked with converting files from one program to the
other via dxf, I get about 95% there, but the last 5% take 50% of the time.
My recommendation is that you do the job in Microstation. Depending on the
situation, you can either hire one or two operators or, if the work is
limited, hire a consultant. FWIW, this is the method recommended to me by
one of my good clients who works in Microstation (and has to spend a lot of
time converting files to ACAD for his engineers). Who knows, maybe having
this resource will open up new markets for you.


Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA

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||Subject: Compatibility of AutoCad with Microstation J
||Our firm has a new client that requires us to work in Microstation J.
||We have only AutoCAD in our officeR14 and 2000.  We really
||don't want to
||spend $4000 per station and to be re-trained in Microstation J for one
||or two jobs unless we have to.  Does anyone know if AutoCAD can read
||Microstation J files and output back to Microstation?  Thanks
||in advance
||for any help.
||Vince Yu
||Pickard Architects