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Re: Swinging Chandelier?

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This sounds like a clear story case of the Shift hitting the Chand!

I've seen canopies in churches anchored as you have suggested, and I agree it makes the most sense.

However (not knowing the size or mass of your chandelier, which sounded more like a sculpture), I don't see that there would be a major problem as long as the connection was not brittle, or inadequately anchored..  Fuchsia baskets do very nicely on "swivels", and some sort of "universal joint" (swivel ball and socket) sounds like it might give quite satisfactory seismic performance.

"I don't know art, but I know what I don't like falling on me in the earthquake."

James Bela
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DRPFLY(--nospam--at) wrote:

Need some 2nd opinions on this one.

I have a client who wants to hang a very expensive chandelier in a clerestory
tower  above the foyer of a clubhouse.  I suggested installing guy wires or
thin cables at four points on the piece to stabilize it during an earthquake.
 I am in Seismic Zone 4 and within 15 km of the San Andreas fault.

The chandelier designer  would rather not install the guy wires as it may
detract from the appearance.  Furthermore, if it is not free to move as a
one-piece sculpture it may clack against itself, break apart, and fall on the
folks below.

Any suggestions or opinions?  I know this isn't as interesting as the guy
with the #2 pencil question, but can you help me out anyway?

The Flying Buttress
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