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Compatibility of AutoCAD with MicroStation J

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Regarding the feasibility of "reading" J files in AutoCAD - not likely.
Your best solution will depend upon the job and 2D or 3D files.  Someone
from Bentley can provide greater assistance with this.  Typical format is to
export the MicroStation files to a dxf format, them import them, work on
them, translate them back out.  This can require quite a translation program
however since levels etc may be necessary for the client's requirements.
MicroStation J with Project Bank will be capable of reading and writing in
AutoCAD files that are version 14 and up I believe but I have not heard
about AutoCAD supporting similar features for J.
Personally, although I can use Acad v14 and MS J, I prefer J and the
feature's it offers.  My experience is that AutoCAD is easier to teach a MS
user than the other way around.  Other's likely have different opinions.
Good Luck.
Dennis B. Decator P.E.
Harley Ellington Design
Structural Department