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Re: FORENSICS: World Trade Center Bombing

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Dave Hammond in Palo Alto has most of that information.  He incorporated it
into his urban search & rescue class for structural engineers.  As for the
terrorist threat, it is not alway the international terrorist group that you
need to be aware of.  We have our own home-grown terrorist right here in this
country remember Oklahoma City.

Rick Ranous

Bill Polhemus wrote:

> Here is a quote I came across recently:
> In the last twenty years, the media have entertained far too many
> "Chicken Little experts" proclaiming that terrorism is at our
> doorstep. For that reason, we have become somewhat desensitized to the
> issue and view it as a distant problem (unless, of course, you are
> from New York, where Islamic terrorists came very close to collapsing
> one of the World Trade Center towers with a bomb).
> This leads me to ask: "How close" DID the bombing of the WTC Tower come to
> collapsing the building? It is so long ago--and I was much less informed of
> things structural then--that I can't recall the assessment made by
> structural engineers.
> I'm sure there are folks here who can comment authoritatively.
> Thanks.