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RE: Code History and Philosophy

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To my knowledge, there has never been an attorney on the AISC Committee on Specifications, the AISC Committee that writes the AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings. This group is composed of equal representation of three basic areas of interest: the structural engineering community, the steel construction industry, and academia. If I had to guess what Ted was trying to say, I'd bet he was injecting a bit of humor about how fervently his colleagues on this Committee could debate the finer points of Specification language. And I'll bet the final product was quite different in a lot of ways from his original proposal. He probably has scars that are still healing (-:


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Subject: RE: Code History and Philosophy

The code may be written by engineers, but it may not be publishes as written by engineers.  I attended a lecture where Theodore Galambos (you will find his name in your AISC manual) talked about his work in developing the first LRFD Manual.  He said there were parts of the Specification that he could hardly recognize after the publishers attorneys had finished editing it.
Roger Davis
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Subject: Code History and Philosophy

    " . . . as an engineer and a professional, you can't write everything into the code.  Sometimes the wording is not the best because it's written by engineers, not attorneys - but maybe that's an advantage."

                                                                                                                -- Henry Degenkolb, Structural Engineer

James Bela

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