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Re: Wood Design Spreadsheet - Freeware

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In a message dated 11/3/1999 9:27:40 AM Pacific Standard Time, SONSUR2 writes:

<< Hi Dennis
 Could you please tell us what section of the software we should look, I 
could not find wood design spreadsheet
 Thanks >>

First off, the link is: <A 
tware/Wish/97UBCLD.exe</A> . However, I am a bit disturbed that you could not 
find the link since there is a link on the home page at for 
Software. On the software page are two programs for download. The first is 
the '97 UBC Lateral Design Spreadsheet". Click on this and the program is 
Now for my disturbance. If you don't see the link it may be that you have 
accessed the site some time ago, before the software was there. When you log 
back on your browser is reloading the last saved HTML files that are keyed to 
that address. This is common as browsers save web pages in temporary storage 
so that it will appear faster after the first time you access it. The problem 
is that if the page had been updated, you might not know it.
TIP: I would recommend that you reload the page (or any of your favorite 
pages) each time you access the page to check for updates.

The other thing you can do is to delete your temporary internet files in the 
Windows directory. If you have a program like TweakUI or something similar 
(Like Nortons Utilities or Fix-It or Nuts and Bolts) you can use these 
programs to clean out your temporary files so that you will be assured that 
you get the latest information on all future visits to your favorite sites.

Hope this tip helps.