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RE: Code History and Philosophy

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This may have been true when the late great Henry Degenkolb was alive and
even until very recently when SEAOC and dedicated building officials were
involved in writing the seismic provisions of the code. But wait till you
see what's coming down the pike in 2000 IBC. Apparently code writing
professional was hired to write the seismic guidelines of the NEHRP
provisions into code language. The outcome IMHO is miss by a mile. 

I tried unsuccessfully to change some of the language during the April 98
code hearings in Virginia. But at every attempt the representatives from the
CRDC (people who wrote the provisions) spoke against them without any
specific reason. And the Building Officials on the code committee just
accepted that position since the provisions were based on a "consensus"
process. (I don't know why we even have code hearings if everything has to
be based on the consensus decision of a select group). 

Anyway, I was so badly bruised that everyone was extending condolences to me
afterward! But I don't think we should give up. The practicing engineers and
regulatory officials should continue getting involved and try to enhance
both the content and language of the code. After all these are the
individuals who will be using the code on a day to day basis. 

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA
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	    " . . . as an engineer and a professional, you can't write
everything into the code.  Sometimes the wording is not the best because
it's written by engineers, not attorneys - but maybe that's an advantage." 

-- Henry Degenkolb, Structural Engineer 

	James Bela 

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