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Re: Cal Poly Architectural Engineering Degree

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Dear Matt,

As a Cal Poly Pomona grad,  I don't believe I can appreciate your views on the matter of University Rankings.  I can tell you that Cal Poly Pomona ( go broncos ) has an excelent school of engineering which emphasizes the practical applications of engineering sciences.  You are probably unaware of the fact that Pomona was actually the Southern California Campus of SLO for many years and had a fine history prior to being aquired by SLO and after.   I never had more than 40 students in any of my classes,  can any private school match that teacher/student ratio.  And most of my design courses were taught by Don Breyer,  who's book on wood design is probably going to be one of your text books.

Robert Shaffer, P.E.
Proud Cal Poly Pomona Grad

Matt Boone wrote:

hello all,
i am currently a student at Cal Poly.  And jus tot let you all know. there
is only one Cal Poly. It is in San Luis Obispo.  The campus in Pomona is
known as the "other one"   Now i guess i came into this late.  I was
wondering what the question was about Architectural Engineering.  Just