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Re: Base Isolators

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> I have some questions regarding the typical base isolators. Base
> are
> using lead for their core. Any ideas why lead is being used ? Why
not steel?

The lead core readily deforms and heats up, thus providing damping and
helping to control deflections. A steel core would not accomplish the
same thing. This damping can also be accomplished using specially
formulated high-damping rubber without the lead core.

> I
> have to admit that I am not familiar with base isolation devices.
And the
> steel plate between the rubber plate; Are these ordinary steel
plates or do
> they have some properties that are unique for base isolation
devices. The
> same question applies to the rubbers.
The main purpose of the steel plates between the rubber plates is to
make the isolator stiff in the vertical direction (prevents the rubber
from bulging under vertical load); however, the isolator still remains
flexible in the horizontal direction.

There is nothing special about the steel plates. The rubber, on the
other hand, is carefully formulated to have the desired deformation
and durability properties.

I hope this helps.

Jim Bailey