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Epoxy (et al) Injection

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Title: Epoxy (et al) Injection

in repairing a potable water treatment gravity filter for minor seepage cracking, i am needing to inject something.

i am tripping over literature for adhesive materials other than epoxy.

urethanes from MasterBuilders, vinyl terploymers and vinylesters from Absolute Waterproofing Systems, and traditional "epoxy" from Aboject

coupla Q's:
1) is it just me or does our industry misuse/overuse the term epoxy and has that become the Kleenex equivalent in the facial tissue realm or is epoxy really the correct "generic" term for all of these 2 component adhesive materials.

2) having used "epoxy" satisfactorily in the past for similar applications, should i consider using some of these other materials (with all due parameters (tensile and compressive strengths, viscosity appropriate for crack width, etc) or shall i go with old standby.

3) what are pros and cons of other materials in your experiences.
4) are there any other commonly available mfrs so that i don't get too proprietary with my specification.

any info appreciated and as always, tia

robert rollo
Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc.
Lubbock, Texas
(806) 761-7539vox
(806) 747-7146 fax