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Re: concrete parapet

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Does that apply to swimming pool floors and walls, where crack control
requirements are more stringent?

Hasan Hindawi

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Subject: RE: concrete parapet

> In the October 1984 issue of Concrete International there was a chart that
> indicated that for a control joint spacing of 60 feet (end of chart) you
> should use .004 * AREA.  The author said this may not be adequate for the
> wall is exposed to the full freeze-thaw cycle.  I read someplace that the
> Wisconsin DOT uses .007 * AREA for highways with out control joints, but
> most DOT's use .006 * AREA.  I don't think I would use less than .007 *
> unless I found a good source that indicated a lower value worked.
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> Subject: concrete parapet
> I am currently reviewing a project with cast in place concrete parapets
> integral with thicker concrete walls and a concrete roof.  This structure
> located in high elevation snow country.  I am concerned about longitudinal
> temperature and shrinkage reinforcement that should be included in the
> parapet.  The parapet is likely to have over 100 ft. run without control
> joints.  With the temperature cycle that the parapet is likely to go thru
> and the continuous restraint to the wall and roof is there additional
> reinforcement recommendations beyond that recommended for typical
> wall reinforcement of .002xArea.
> Can anyone recommend a reference dealing with this subject?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Randy Hamilton, P.E.