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RE: Cal Poly

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Matt Boone wrote:

> hello all,
> i am currently a student at Cal Poly.  And jus tot let you all know. there
> is only one Cal Poly. 

reply snip<design courses were taught by Don
Breyer,  who's book on wood design is probably going to be one of your text

and don't forget, probably the most common masonry textbook is Reinforced
Masonry Design by Bob Schneider, former head of civil engr. dept. at Cal
Poly Pomona.!
Also SLO began as Cal. Poly. High School and I believe that Pomona issued
it's first bachelors degree before SLO, in about 1943. Both achieved
university status simultaneous in 1972.

So Mr. Boone, always check your figures first !

Matt Jordan S.E.
CP Pomona grad.