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Re: Epoxy (et al) Injection

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In a message dated 11/3/99 3:29:38 PM, rrollo(--nospam--at) writes:

<< 1) is it just me or does our industry misuse/overuse the term epoxy and has
that become the Kleenex equivalent in the facial tissue realm or is epoxy
really the correct "generic" term for all of these 2 component adhesive

2) having used "epoxy" satisfactorily in the past for similar applications,
should i consider using some of these other materials (with all due
parameters (tensile and compressive strengths, viscosity appropriate for
crack width, etc) or shall i go with old standby.
3) what are pros and cons of other materials in your experiences.
4) are there any other commonly available mfrs so that i don't get too
proprietary with my specification.

There are certainly other materials that could or should be used for 
injection depending on the application.  The term epoxy is misused 
frequently.  I see it almost every day when an engineer specifies a Hilti 
"epoxy" anchor that is actually a vinylester resin or methyl methacrelate.  
For applications involving water, I don't think the chemistry of vinylesters 
is very good, and epoxy satisfactory.  There are products available (can't 
remember which ones right now) that are reactive with water which seems like 
a good feature especially if you are injection against head pressure which 
can be difficult. 

Ourselves as well as Sika and Master Builders seem to supply many projects on 
the west coast, although we do not recommend injecting against a constant 
head or water flow.

Howard Silverman, PE
Covert Operations, Inc.
Long Beach, CA
(800) 827-7229