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RE: Cal Poly

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FWIW, not being a grad of either school but being a former employer, I would
tend to hire a SLO engr grad first (above ALL other schools BTW) and a
Pomona arch grad first. Of course, this is based purely on sheepskin, other
credentials, etc. could possibly change that. This opinion is my own and
based on the engineers I have hired in the past and on the architects I have
worked with in the past. Nothing more scientific than that.


Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA

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||Matt Boone wrote:
||> hello all,
||> i am currently a student at Cal Poly.  And jus tot let you
||all know. there
||> is only one Cal Poly.
||reply snip<design courses were taught by Don
||Breyer,  who's book on wood design is probably going to be
||one of your text
||and don't forget, probably the most common masonry textbook
||is Reinforced
||Masonry Design by Bob Schneider, former head of civil engr.
||dept. at Cal
||Poly Pomona.!
||Also SLO began as Cal. Poly. High School and I believe that
||Pomona issued
||it's first bachelors degree before SLO, in about 1943. Both achieved
||university status simultaneous in 1972.
||So Mr. Boone, always check your figures first !
||Matt Jordan S.E.
||CP Pomona grad.