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RE: how's your love life ?

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When my wife says "Talk Dirty to ME" I whisper phrases like "flange local
buckling", "stiffness matrix", and "full penetration butt weld". That is
about as romantic as I get. 

Mr. Bogdan, maybe you should consider moving to a country that appreciates
your talents and skills. I wouldn't suggest the USA because here, the
architects do all the work, right guys.

Gerard Madden, P.E. (I'm blushing)
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"Dave. . .  Dave . . .  Stop . . . Please . . . I am sure we could come to
some sort of agreement. . . .Daisy . . . Daisy . . "   from the movie 2001:
A Space Oddysse (The scene were Dave is shutting down HAL 9000 )

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> Sent:	Thursday, November 04, 1999 10:56 AM
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> Subject:	how's your love life ?
> Dear Sirs,
> my name is Dumitrascu Bogdan and I am a roumanian structural engineer.
> Due to the economical situation in this country, structural engineering is
> to become a forgotten activity; but buildings are my LIFE and structural
> design is my LOVE...
> That's why my love life is almost gone. And I feel old.
> What about you?
> (Encourage me, please !!!)