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RE: Wind-tunnel tests

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ASCE Manual of Practice No. 67 "Wind Tunnel Model Studies of Buildings and
Structures" is a reference I've heard of but never used. Might get you
started. Here in Seattle, there's an engineer named Jerry Barberra who works
at ICBO and is active on various committees dealing with wind design. He
might be able to point you in the right direction. ICBO's number here is

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Subject: Wind-tunnel tests

I'm looking for guidance on wind-tunnel testing. Can someone please shed
some light on the following:

1. Finding the best firms specializing in wind tunnel testing

2. Ballpark cost for testing a large petrochemical structure consisting of a
mix of casing-type equipment, open steel, platforms, vessels, and piping.

3. How long does it take to get results

4. Is there some "wonder software" out there that can do the job in lieu of
an actual test? (my guess - there isn't any)

5. Can you share any relevant facts from your own wind tunnel experience.


Gabe Bohm
San Dimas, California