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RE: Salary Survey,fiasco,verboten,cut the crap, What do you make?

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Dear all,

I've been a member of the seaint list for the last month or so and have not
been unduly surprised at the number of messages posted regarding engineer's
salaries and status.  I'm a chartered structural engineer with a leading
multi-disciplinary consultancy in the UK and in turn readers may not be
surprised to learn that we have very similar debates in this country.  I'm
planning to move to the US within the near future and naturally the current
discussion on US salaries is of interest to me.

So what does a structural engineer in the UK make? Not very much given the
very high cost of living.  The cost of an average house = $130,000.  The
cost of a gallon of gas =$5, etc...

Personally, I'm a chartered structural engineer (equivalent to PE) with 6
years building design experience.  I generally work a 40-50 year week with 5
weeks vacation and 8 statutory days leave.  Salary = $42,500 plus pension,
but very little else in the way of benefits and no bonuses.  I guess that
equates to about $21 per hour.

Regarding the structural fees question, we generally aim for 1.5% of the
'shell and core' building cost.


Rupert Noton.