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Dear Sirs,

	yesterday night, being a little upset, instead of going to bed, I wrote a message : "how's your love life?".
	This morning, when the birds are singing everywhere (to prevent freezing), and when the sun shines (even if I cannot see it because of those rainy clouds), I was surprised to find my message inbox full filled with your answers; thank you very much, I'm really grateful... I already feel better (can anyone tell me how to knot this bloody rope ?). Jocking ...
	Reading your messages I was trying to imagine who's the author, how he thinks, so on... And I've had a revelation: there's a lot of YOUNG peoples watching this exchange of messages, being greedily to achieve new ideas about how is to be a structural engineer, or how such a man thinks !
	Frankly, this was (still is) one of my reasons when submitted to this chat list; but I was a little bewildered: the most part of messages are about "what's the value for rho when...", or "who can tell me how to calculate...", or, the worst, "how could I modelise a structure..". It's unacceptable!
	I am sick and tired of rules I have to follow; more and more, ENGINEERING comes closer to lawers activity, trammelled by stupid rules created for protecting the incompetence of some self-called "engineers", who simply thought it is more simple to become an engineer than a medical doctor ( wrong: as a bad doctor you kill one man a time, but as a structural engineer you can kill thousands; don't belive me? watch the results of Turkish EQ and you will understand!);but we're swerved.
	My problem referes to the REAL meaning of being an engineer.
	Richard and Audra say "Good engineers are always needed -maybe not fully respected - but needed", while mr.Gerard Madden (who talks unacceptable dirty to his wife) recomandes me to consider moving to a country that appreciates my talents and skills, but he "wouldn't suggest the USA because here, the architects do all the work, right guys".
	Too many engineers, structural engineers, forget who they are and why they are what they are; I don't say not to give to Cesar what's Cesar's, it is true the architects are necessary (essential) for a building design, but they have to realise that structural design is not a handicraft job, but an artistic one, exactly like their's (being well-known they considere themselves artists; but they only...). We should remember them that civil and structural engineering separated from architecture, when the architects couldnt face the increasing economical problems...
	If we want to be considered like that, we should, first of all, respect ourselfs; we should not base our skills on simple calculations, because, due to computers bloom, the architects could belive we are be replaceble; and do not blame only computers, but also ourselves! !
	For example, if I want to come to USA, how many exams do I have to pass and how many new rules do I have to learn to design structures who will face the same physical phenomenons encountered not only in my country, but all over the world?
	What about architects?
	We are the worst ennemy for us ! They are not for them ! Are they for us ?