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Chile´s Campaign for independent structural reviewing

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Dear members, In order to  Improve  the current Chilean ordinance related to designing of special and/or irregular buildings, I would appreciate receive the answers of the following questions regarding the  experience of your country or state:

1.-When is  a review by other company or special committee require, if any ? 

2.-Which are the requisite  for the Companies to participate in the design of an irregular or special building ? 

3.-How does YOUR COUNTRY define the adequate capabilities of the Companies to participate in such projects ? There are some Categories?  

4. Which are  the requirements  to develope the job of Structural Enginner in your country ?...Do you need to take a special exam ?  If I have 1 month of experience ..could I design any kind of structure ?.( .100 story building in California for example ? )


As you may know, during the last high intensive earthquake in Chile (1985), the buildings had a good behaviour;  it was mainly because of their high wall density and the regularity.

Since those years, however, there have been designing more irregulars (1)  buildings with less wall density. Unfortunately, meanwhile, we have not developed an integrated system of regulations and ordinance to control the impeccability and safety during the process of analysis, designing and building of those new irregular structures.

1 . The typical criteria for irregular structures are based on plan and elevation irregularity.  The criteria look at mass-stiffness-strength distribution, large re-entrant.

If a building is classified as irregular, I believe that should require special analysis and detailing requirements above those required for regular structures. 

In Chile, there have not been advances in REVIEWEING, special requirements, special permissions and control according to the architectural advances 

My first particular AIM is for the government to make a special commission which review the present Chilean Codes, ordinance and jurisdiction, and then improve them in order to establish, for example, a GENERAL REVIEWING (Analysis and design) for SPECIAL and IRREGULAR STRUCTURAL buildings.

Now, I am interesting in be acquainted of the ORDINANCE made by the government of US., JAPAN,N.Z., CANADA,and other seismic countries related to approve SPECIAL (irregular) structural design, such as: 

Thanking in advance for your time in reviewing this matter and please  contact me  to clarify,if any,  the information I request 

I beg your prompt answer.

Pablo Arrieta R.
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