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Re: how's your love life ?

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     (IMO),  the nations that live(d) under a socialist system are not 100%
prepared for the high anxiety situation that free enterprize requires.  It's
not a put down - some have immigrated to this nation and are doing far
better than I am doing.  I intend to take the BAE exam when it is offered
and do see licensing as important - after all, if you KNOW the subject
matter it shouldn't be too hard to pass the exam.  I am presently running a
business that is completely unrelated to structural engineering or
architecture and many of the highly motivated immigrants took jobs in other
fields until they could get established in the field of their choice.
Sometimes it seems like an ocean away but is just a matter of dilligence -
so is learning engineering which I'm sure you have already done and didn't
see the time going by.  Time flies when you are having fun!

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>The government stopped even PRETENDING to pay the workers, and the workers
>stopped even PRETENDING to work.
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>> I was in several cities in Romania in 1974 and saw MORE
>> construction going
>> on than anywhere in the U.S.------- What happened? Why did it stop?