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Re: Resultant Seismic Force

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Dear Sir,

because this is a SEA-international discution list, I dare to present my opinion regarding your problem:
** dimnesses: materials; ground structure, foundation system; what do you want to calculate (legs or shell); 
** generally, you should consider that the result of seismic forces is actually an INERTIAL mass, very dependable of the liquid leve in tank.
** I strongly reccomand a time-history analyse, not an equivalent-seismic-force one !!!
** supposing you have a full filled steel tank, the resultant of seismic force is located at tank center of gravity; at 2/3 of heigh would be situated the force of shear, but only if we wouldn't talk about a volume mass.
** only three legs (links)? Very dangerous, don't you think? Don't you consider a support yielding?
** wouldn't be great if I would know what seismic Zone 4 means? (could you tell me the report between seismic waves and gravity acceleration?)
** grateful for your answer. you should try to write some books...

Dumitrascu Bogdan