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RE: Wood Diaphragms

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I am on the beta team for Woodworks. At this point it is delayed as they
work through the rigid diaphragm analysis.
With that said, I am looking foreword to this software with much enthusiasm.
I am very flattered by Scott Maxwell's gracious comments about my
spreadsheet, but you must remember that the spreadsheet is much more
primitive in comparison.
Woodworks will take much of the work out of the process that is still stuck
within my spreadsheet. As I understand the program, you will not have to
worry about breaking the structure into parts for the flexible analysis nor
would you have to manually keep track of shared reactions. The Woodworks
program also maintains a much better graphical interface which is suppose to
simplify the process of Shearwall definition.
I'm not sure if a comparison is fair of the programs, but anyone who is
willing to save a few dollars in exchange for a little extra work should be
able to appreciate the spreadsheet.

Now for price. If I recall, Woodworks is expected to be sold for less than
$600.00 which, in my book, is an ideal price range for a slick interface.
Also remember that you get Sizer which designs gravity load members,
Shearwall - which does the lateral analysis, Connections - which designs
bolted connections and is greatly expanded from past versions and a copy of
the latest NDS in Acrobat format. All being equal, this would be like paying
less than $200.00 for the lateral analysis module which is a bargain.

Once I receive the beta version, I will try to report back - however, the
purpose of a beta is to identify and isolate problems in the coding, so
don't expect an overall opinion as to the quality until the final version
hits the market.


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Subject: Wood Diaphrams

For those interested...I just received a maintanence letter for our
Woodworks software.  As part of the maintanence, you get the upgrade to
Woodworks 2000, which they claim will now do "automatic load distribution
using rigid and flexible diaphram analysis" in the updated shearwalls

This _might_ help those of you who do wood design for a living, which is
quite a few people on this list considering the debates that have take
place in the past over flexible vs. rigid.

However, I will point out that it is not free like Dennis' great

You can get more info at their web site:

When we get it, and _IF_ I have time to "play" with it, I will pass on my