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Re: Arlington Road

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Attention  SEAINT:

correction to  Greg Smith  message  re:  Arlington Road

I too have seen the movie Arlington Road.

Yes,  the Tim Robbins character  identifies himself as a structural engineer, 
 but we never do see his office.  Is He  really a structural engineer ?  -  
We never get any other information to support his claim.

By the way,  I have written an extensive article about ENGINEERS IN MOVIES  - 
 tiltled  " HOLLYWOOD -  We have  A Problem".   Last year it was posted on of 
all places the  IEEE  website  (since removed).    In reponse to the  artcle E
ngineering Times,  the news magazine of NSPE, published an article by Rachael 
Davis,  "SHOWTIME for Engineers",  ET,    December  1998.  It might still be 
available on the NSPE  website.

Bob Johnson