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Engineer Title ABUSE

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Attention   (REAL)   ENGINEERS:

Recently there has been traffic on the SEAINT webserver regarding the use of 
the term  Professional, Structural,  Civil Engineer.

We probably can all seen abuses  the term  ENGINEER

We have Sanatation (not Sanitary) Engineers   (Garbage men)
Domestic   Engineers         (maids)
Flat Surface  Engineers ,  also Building Engineers   (Janitor)  see article:  
"Abusing Engineers"   AIChE Extra published by AIChE,   Ocober  1995

What others can you name?

More  recently
WEB Engineers

It seems every worker wants to be called an ENGINEER!! 

Maybe we (someone) can compile,  assemble   a list of all non-college degreed 


Just today,  (Sunday)  I discoversed  a new term;


"Knowledge engineers in demand",  was the caption on a  story, by TECHWATCH 
editor,  Bob Weinstein, ,  Career Network Insert,   Section C,  November 7, 
1999,    Chicago Sun-Times.

"Knowledge engineers are neither programmers nor engineers. They manage a 
companies work flow,  people and data, "   says, Peter Dorfman, product 
manager of customer support software company,  ServiceWAare,  Inc,  
Parsippany,  N.J.

The article continues;

"Hal Varain, Dean of University of California at Berkeley School of 
Information Management and Systems says tiltles such as chief information 
officer, knowledge manager and knowledge engineer arose before there were 
books and courses describing the actual job function. 
.....................................  Information technology companies, tend 
to give knowledge engineers star status."

Oh  !!!!!!!!!  by the way  according to the piece,  junior level knowledge 
engineers earn about $60,000 a year.  "However, once you become valuable, 
your salary increases rapidly. "


Just though you would like to know


Bob  Johnson