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RE: EQ loads on temp. structures?

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Caltrans (State Highway Department) Requires bridge false work (forming) to
be designed for 10% lateral loads, as a temporary structure for earthquakes.
No factors, no exceptions a simple 10%.  Great Idea.  

I think all structures should be designed for some lateral loads, seismic,
wind, or accidental. The probability of a moderate or large seismic event
and the risk should be assessed with any structure.  

Dan Novak

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From: Peterson Brian A PSNS [mailto:petersonb(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Friday, November 05, 1999 2:07 PM
To: 'sea'
Subject: EQ loads on temp. structures?

Is anyone experienced with seismic analysis of shoring or scaffolding?
Or...know of failures of these structures from EQ loads?

We have many top-heavy free-standing scaffold towers for supporting
equipment, and I'm trying to determine what would happen in a seismic event
to these structures. The few experienced falsework engineers I've contacted
indicate they seldom if ever have clients request EQ analysis, so I'm trying
to convince myself one way or the other that this is even an issue. If EQ
loading is a reality, it could mean a BIG change in the way we do business.
I can follow up with specific questions if I receive any feedback on this
topic. Or, feel free to email me direct.


Brian Peterson