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Hows your love life

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Dear list members,

I am writing this as an apology if anyone was offended by my joke regarding
the thread "How's your love life" where I used three engineering terms in a
sexual context. I meant no disrespect to the original author of the thread
and I have explained that to him via personal email. It was brought to my
attention from one member of the list that he did not appreciate my message
and thought that it was in poor taste, and detrimental to the structural
engineering community. Although the original author of the thread expressed
to me no such displeasure, It was strongly recommended by this individual to
apoligize. I do so mainly just to say I was joking and to invite others who
were offending to respond to me privately so I can gain a better
understanding if this is a proper forum for my sense of humor to be
reflected in my engineering posts.

The joke was meant to show that not all engineers consider their "Love Life"
to be engineering. When someone asks about my love life, I think of my Wife
and daughter, not engineering. I interjected engineering terms in this joke
because it shows how work can be brought home with us from the office if we
get caught up in it so seriously. I hope no one really thinks I say these
things to my wife or even think she asks me to talk dirty to her. 

Again, Sorry to All if you were offended.

Gerard Madden, P.E.
Civil Engineer, Associate
CRJ Associates, Inc.
email: gerardm(--nospam--at)
tel: 650.324.0691
fax: 650.324.0927

These views are mine alone. These opinions should not be construed
to be policy at or the opinion of CRJ Associates.

"What we have here, is a failure to communicate! Some men you just can't
reach. Which is the way he wants it. WELL HE GETS IT !"- From the movie Cool
Hand Luke.