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Re: RE: Need information on Hay Bale Homes

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Call David Mar at Steve Tipping & Associates (510)549-1906. Tell him Constantine says Hi.

>>> Mark Rodgers <MarkR(--nospam--at)> 11/08/99 10:20AM >>>
New Mexico has standards for Non-Load Bearing Baled Straw.  The main
structural item that you have to worry about is that the straw bales can not
be used to support the weight of the building beyond the weight of the bales
themselves.  So, you need to design a gravity and lateral "frame" to support
the loads.  I am not sure if California has any adopted standards, but I can
fax you NM standards if you like.  

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	Subject:	Need information on Hay Bale Homes

	I have been asked to design a Hay Bale home for an architect who is
moving into our area. I don't have any information, structurally, on this
type of construction and don't know of any projects that have been approved
in the Riverside California County (or surrounding counties) area.
	Can anyone provide me with links or resources I can obtain to
understand how to tie the system together both for gravity loads and
	Dennis S. Wish, PE
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