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I agree with the statement below.  All rebar is weldable if you know the
chemical properties
and use the right procedures.  However, the feasibility of welding in the
field may be impractical.
Preheating is sometimes necessary and is hard to do for field welding.

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Subject:  RE: REBARS : ASTM A 615 GRADE 60

My understanding is that all rebar is weldable - if the required chemical
properties are known to determine the "carbon equivalent" and if proper
techniques are used.  First one must obtain chemical analysis as required
AWS D1.4 and then welding should be performed in accordance with AWS D1.4.
Of course depending upon carbon equivalency, some bars are more easily
welded than others.

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> Subject: REBARS : ASTM A 615 GRADE 60
>   A question for the List Members
>  Material   : Reinforcing Steel Bars  ASTM  A 615  GRADE 60
>  Question : Is this material weldable ?.
>                  If the answer is yes, what is the appropiate welding
>                  electrode and procedure for this material ?
>  Thanks in advance for your response
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