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Wood Vaulted Gable Roof Truss Endwall

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Unfortunately, the norm around here is to frame a horizontal plate in, then
run studs up from the plate the random lengths to the vaulted bottom chord.
I have the lucky opportunity of tackling one of these BEFORE the building is
framed and the inspector asks for engineering.  I'd appreciate comments on
how you normally detail this connection to allow lateral force transfer into
the roof diaphragm.

For buildings we design, we have shown the (structural) gable truss set back
and continuous studs extending up to the underside of the roof diaphragm,
where a double plate is nailed to the sheathing, and studs are fastened with
joist hangers (as required).  I like it, but I don't think most contractors
do.  Is there anything as good but less painful to them?


Ed Fasula EIT