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RE: pullout of PAF in light gage track

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See CCFSS Technical Bulletin dated February 1993 titled AISI Specification
Provisions for Screw Connections which identifies "pull over" as a
connection failure. "Pull over" is defined as the "pulling of material over
the screw head and the washer, if a washer is present".

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Subject: pullout of PAF in light gage track

We have a typical detail for the attachment of a load bearing metal stud
wall to a concrete slab.  Normally we call for a continuous bottom track to
be fastened to the slab with 2 PAF's at 24" o.c.  I have run across a
situation where there is substantial uplift on a particular bearing wall.  I
can calc the screw connection between the track and the stud with tabulated
values (Buildex chart), and I can find info on the PAF's themselves for
pullout with tables in the Hilti or ITW/Ramset catalogs.  However, these
pullout values are for the fastener itself, and does not account for the
head pulling through the metal studs.
Is there anywhere that this data might be tabulated?  Am I being overly
conservative in even looking at it?  Should I just spec PAF's pre-assembled
w/ steel washers and forget about it?  I called Hilti and they couldn't
help.  Ditto with metal stud mfrs.
Thanks in advance,
Sherman D. (Dan) Vines, EIT
Willett Engineering Co., Inc.
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