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Re: Pole Embedment-One More Question

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At 04:30 PM 11/9/99 EST, you wrote:
>Mr. Greenlaw:
>Thanks for your response.  I failed to include one more question in my 
>earlier post.
>One other footnote to Table 29-B (18-B in later versions of UBC) indicates 
>that the sliding resistance (subject to some maximum value) may be combined 
>with lateral bearing.  If I decide to take advantage of this provision, how 
>can I apply it?  Can I subtract the sliding resistance from 'P' in the 
>formula for 'A'?  That is, is the following formula valid?
>    A = (2.34*(P-Sliding Resistance))/(S1 * b)
>Thanks in advance.

        I think not. Pole resistance was derived empirically and the formula
made to fit the test results. There is no separate reckoning of sliding
resistance for poles.

        The combination of sliding resistance with lateral bearing I
understand is for concrete foundations that have both a bottom surface that
has resistance to sliding, and a vertical surface that bears laterally if
sliding were to begin. Embedded poles only have the latter.

Charles O. Greenlaw SE   Sacramento CA