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RE: drift calculation, 1997 UBC using ASD

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|~|Now for the real problem in San Francisco.  See 1633.2.11.  If
|~|you allow DeltaM
|~|to be 2.5%, you are looking at a 9 inch set back from the
|~|property line for a
|~|30 foot tall building.  That would be giving up 18 inches on a
|~|25 foot lot.  If

Even a four story building has the problem. Also, what about the effects of
the out of phase drift of the existing non-complying adjacent building? How
far do we want to take this? But technically this issue has always been
around. I pointed this out to a SF loft building developer a few years ago,
he was not impressed and I did not get the job (thank goodness.) The buildng
is being built hard up against the adjacent property. There is a new
completed loft project designed by a well known local firm that *did* design
for a good 8" separation, but this was a different developer. Fortunately my
current projects are all detached. I have very little desire to work on any
zero lot line vertical additions in SF until there is a documented consensus
on how to handle it and what is the standard of care. Frankly, I think it
never will be officially addressed.