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Re: Anchorage to concrete

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The article in building standards article clearly shows in numerous diagrams the
embedment depth 'le' as starting at the portion of the bolt which would be in
bearing ( excluding the thickness of the head ) against the concrete for
tension.  Not the full depth of embedment of the anchor.  It goes on to say that
the J or L hook anchors have not performed as well under testing as a headed

Robert Shaffer

"Sherman, William" wrote:

> I have a different question on anchor bolt embedment: In Table 19-D (UBC97),
> what does "minimum embedment" refer to and where is it defined?  And what
> does footnote 1 mean when it states "Bolts shall have a standard head or an
> equal deformity in the embedded portion."
> I have an equipment manufacturer claiming their hooked anchor bolts meet
> this UBC table, measuring embedment from the concrete surface to the bottom
> of the hooked bolt.  I've accepted the hooked bolt (although it is not clear
> that it is "an equal deformity") but I suggested that the embedment depth
> should be measured to the bearing surface, i.e. the top surface of the
> hooked portion.  The manufacturer says "prove it" per the code.