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RE: engineering software

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Try RISA-3D for windows, it is a good one.
Joseph Harouni

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Subject:	RE: engineering software

Everybody should at least try VisualAnalysis, which I think is surprisingly
easy to
use and quite powerful for such a moderate price.

Try it, you won't regret it!

Antonio J. Arthay, P.E.

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Subject:	Re: engineering software

For steel design software, I like to use RAM STEEL and STAAD both.  I like
RAMSTEEL for the gravity design and STAAD for the lateral analysis.
 RAMSTEEL is fun and easy to use and I have found very few problems in its
results.  I find STAAD is more economical to use for lateral analysis than
RAMFRAME since STAAD has many more applications.

Has anyone else found any other interesting and good software?