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Dual System - SCBF w/SMRF

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The Code seems to allow one to used a dual system composed of SBCB w/ SMRF. 
Has anyone ever used such an animal.  If so,
Q1: What does it usually look like - perimeter frames with braced core, or
adjacent SMRF in same brace line or even both a SMRF and SBCB in the same bay. 
That last version would seem to be a connection nightmare.
Q2: Do you have difficulty evaluating the overall response, being that one
system is usually much stiffer than the other?
Q3: Why might one seek to used this - - architectural restrictions?

Ed Gonzalez

p.s. The SEAOSC seminar on SCBF by the AISC-LA Chapter was very insightful and
packed full of information. If anyone did not get to go, you should try to get
the notes from SEAOSC.