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RE: engineering software

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>How many software vendors can keep upgrading their
>software to meet the future techniques?
I'd be very pleased if developers would leave computer technology alone 
for however long it takes to come up with readable docs, bug-free 
operation, features that actually work and the QA program to back it up, 
support staff that knows engineering and a user interface that doesn't 

I think the emphasis on whizzy computer science is vastly overrated; the 
real cost of computer tools, especially FEA, is debugging a model and 
interpretation, not solution time. Saving me 50% of the solution time is 
trivial compared to the time it takes be to verify that a model is 
providing me with accurate, relevant results. To go further, the move 
toward faster machinery and greater storage capacity seems to encourage a 
sloppy approach to problem solving and less reliance on first principles. 
It also gets newbies in over their heads much faster.

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